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Board Demos

So you’re thinking of getting a stand up paddleboard?  Awesome!  At Knee Deep Living, we understand that buying a SUP is a major purchase and a tough decision…but it’s a decision that will change your life.   We fully understand the investment you are making and we want to be 100% sure you take home the right board for you and your family.  That’s why we welcome you to test drive any board we have in stock before you buy.

At Knee Deep Living, we firmly believe that as a rule of thumb: “You get what you pay for”.  What we hope to achieve in your decision is that you only make one purchase when buying a paddleboard.  We’d hate for you to buy a cheap paddleboard online or from Costco, only to come back to the shop in a few days to buy a quality made SUP…we just want you to make one life-changing purchase.  So come on in the shop, look around and let us know what boards you’re interested in!

How It Works:

•  Make an appointment.  Spend as much time as needed riding the boards and testing out paddles.
• The cost is $20/hour per person.  This investment will be applied 100% towards the purchase of your new board within 14 days

Stop into the shop or call/text us at 616-502-6932 to make an appointment!