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Stand Up Paddleboards

We are proud to carry the highest quality stand up paddleboards the industry has to offer.  We specialize in recreational paddleboards that everyone–regardless of ability–will have fun on.  Whether you are looking to go for a leisurely paddle, take the kids and Fido with you, or try some Paddle Yoga and PaddleFit with us, we will have a board that’s perfect for you!  Stop into the shop and we’ll hook you up with a great board from SUPLove, Pau Hana and Yolo!



A perfect fit for Knee Deep Living, YOLO Board is more than just a stand up paddle board company; it is a way of life. Each and every board they produce is designed to take you to all the places on the water that you dream of and beyond. We carry a wide range of YOLO Boards, including the popular Coastal Cruiser and YOLO Original.  Once you experience YOLO Board and the “You Only Live Once” lifestyle, we hope you will be inspired to conquer all of your dreams. Besides, you only live once…


Pau Hana, [pronounced Pow Hana], is a Hawaiian phrase that means “Work is over.” “Pau Hana Time” encapsulates the spirit of play and good times with friends and family. To that end, Pau Hana Surf Supply is a design and manufacturing company that designs equipment for that purpose.  We have a full lineup of the Big EZ Hawaiian SUP in stock…a paddle board that was designed to stay on top of the water regardless of the weight of the rider. It can float individuals up to 325lbs!


We carry a full line of adjustable Kialoa paddles which are perfect for everyone in the family to use!  Are the younger ones looking to head out on the water?  We have adjustable kids paddles too!  Come on in and check them out!